Math Pentathlon

Welcome to Kiker Math Pentathlon 2017/2018 season!

Come join us where fun, math and family time come together. MP registrations for the current year are closed. For any questions, please reach out to the MP coordinator gaurav.johari@gmail.comFor the end of season tournament registration, please see the answer to “how do I register for the end-of-season tournament in Austin?” below.

What is Math Pentathlon?

The Pentathlon Institute, a Non-for Profit educational organization runs Mathematics Pentathlon® which it describes as “a time-tested Program of interactive problem-solving games, supportive curricular and instructional activities, and assessment tools for students in grades K-7. This motivational Program strengthens basic math concepts and skills, aligns with National and State Mathematics Standards, and stimulates creative thinking while developing problem-solving skills.”
The Mathematics Pentathlon problem solving games provide a highly motivational format for developing and practicing important math concepts. While playing games in cooperative groups, students strengthen their strategic thinking and critical reasoning abilities. For more information on the general program, visit

How is the Math Pentathlon Program set up at Kiker?

The Math Pentathlon Club at Kiker is run by a team of parent volunteers and sponsored by 1st grade teacher Ms. Miller. The Club will meet various Monday evenings at Kiker from 5:45-6:45pm beginning in November. Students will learn and practice five games in division age groups led by parent volunteers.
Members of Math Pentathlon are eligible to participate in the Texas area tournament held in Austin. Each student should have a parent volunteer who is willing to attend practices to learn the games, as well as volunteer during the tournament at the end of the season.

When and Where are the Practices?

Location of Practices:

  • Division I (Grades K – 1): Cafeteria
  • Division II (Grades 2 – 3): Library
  • Division III (Grades 4 – 5): Ms. Swint’s Art Room
Practice Dates
Division I (K/1st)
Division II (2nd/3rd)
Division III (4th/5th)
(Ms. Swint’s Art Room)
November 13
November 27
December 4
December 11
Winter Break
January 8
January 22
January 29
February 5
February 12
February 26
March 5
Spring Break
March 19
March 26
April 2  Last Practice
April 9  √
April 16   Last Practice
April 23   Last Practice

When and Where are the National Math Pentathlon Academic Tournaments?

  • Division I (Kinder/1st Grade): April 7th 2018 Location: TBD**
  • Division II (Grades 2/3): April 21st 2018 Location: TBD**
  • Division III (Grades 4/5): April 28th 2018 Location: TBD**

* The tournament is a 1-day local event where students compete against same grade level students from other schools.

How do I join the Kiker Pentathlon Club?

MP registrations for the current year are closed. For any questions, please reach out to the MP coordinator

I have registered my child for Kiker’s MP Club. Now, how do I register for the end-of-season tournament in Austin?

Go to on or after September 11th 2017 and follow the instructions for registering for tournament in Austin. When it asks you for Coach’s Name and Email, please put Gaurav Johari’s( information because he will be overseeing Kiker’s registrations. His email address can be found linked at the bottom of this page.  Once you have submitted your registration, be sure to forward Gaurav Johari your email ticket confirmation.

Is there training available for those volunteering to monitor a game at the tournament?

Yes! Parents should plan to attend a Game Monitor Training to learn more about tournament and how to volunteer. There will be a training in our area:
2018 Dates TBD
You do not have to register for this training via the MP website but please do let Gaurav Johari or your Division Leader know which training you will attend. He will inform the MP people so they will bring the appropriate amount of materials. Training is for adults only. Please find other accommodations for the kids. If you have gone through this training session before, you are welcome to attend as a refresher or for updates, but it is not necessary. (MP recommends parents attend every 3 years, as program information changes.)

How do we order a Kiker MP T-shirt?

Kiker has their own Math Pentathlon t-shirt available. The students wear these shirts at tournament and certain days at school.
We will be wearing the same black with white “Star Wars” style lettering that we have used the past few years. Unless you need to order a new one because your child is bigger now, you may use last year’s t-shirt.
Parents are strongly encouraged to order a shirt to wear at the tournament.  This helps kids locate Kiker parents in the crowd, as well as helping the tournament organizers when matching kids with Game Monitors.

Please order online and bring cash or check to with a copy of your order. Please use separate form for
more than 1 kid.

Where do I get the Pentathlon Games?

  • Pentathlon games are sold online through the math pentathlon organization. Visit math pentathlon online store.
  • A limited number of game sets will be available to check out at practices.
    *If you own a set of games, please bring them to practice!

How can I learn all the rules and strategies for the games?

  1. Rules/strategies for each game will be covered during the practice sessions. Rule books are available with the games.
  2. Download the ‘highlights’ sheet(s), a condensed version of the rules that are very helpful for understanding the games better.

Updated Highlights sheet for Div I:
Updated Highlights sheet for Div II:
Updated Highlights sheet for Div III:

What if I am new to Math Pentathlon and would like to learn more about whether this will be a good fit for my child?

Please send an email to the parent volunteer Gaurav Johari with your questions or concerns.

Other Questions?

Contact parent volunteer: Gaurav Johari