Kiker Daily Schedule

7:20       Doors open for student arrival
7:35       First class of the day – Parents, please drop off your children in the classroom (1st day only)
2:52       Kinder classes dismissed
2:57       Classes dismissed ~ You either walk or ride your bike home, ride the bus, go to daycare or get picked up

First Class of the Day/ Morning Assembly

On day 1, parents, when you arrive to school, please take your child to the classroom.

From day 2, please take the students directly to the cafeteria, find your class row, and sit down.  Get something out to read, write, study or draw until it’s time for the school-wide assembly to begin.

At 7:35, we begin our first class of the day. This is an opportunity for us to build our school community through our morning message, important announcements and celebrations. Our morning assemblies are filled with life lessons, and strategies that will reach children and adults. In these meetings, we take time to discuss subjects such as character traits, processes and strategies to be used while learning, how to be responsible at home, and treating others with kindness, dignity and respect. Waiting outside the classroom while morning assembly is occurring is strictly prohibited. This is an unsafe practice. If your child is not in his/her seat, on the gym/cafeteria floor by 7:45, they will be marked tardy.

Parents are always welcome to stay for morning assembly; please stand against the back of the gym wall so students can calmly and safely get to their seats with the class. Following assembly, students will travel directly to class with teacher(s) and classmates.  Parents, please refrain from escorting your child to class. We are a very large school and when we are trying to get 1000+ students to class; too many adults can cause blockage in hallways making it difficult for students to pass. Additionally, children coming in late may find it intimidating when encountering large numbers of adults that are not Kiker teachers.

Late Arrival

If your child arrives to school after 7:45am, please check-in at the office and sign the late arrival sheet.

Early Dismissal

When necessary to check your child out of school prior to 2:57pm, please sign the student out in the office. Office personnel will call the classroom and have the student sent to meet you in the office. Please be prepared to show your identification in the office. Teachers will not dismiss students without a call from the office. Students must remain in the classroom until they are checked out in the office.

Circle Drive Through

Is for drive-through pick-up and drop-off ONLY. Please stay IN your car in the right-hand lane. Safety patrol members will be stationed along the right curb to open doors for students entering or exiting cars. Stay in a single-file line as you pull through the drive. Put your child’s name, grade level and teacher’s name in the right front window of your vehicle. Do not block the flow of traffic waiting in line for a late arriving child. Do NOT leave vehicles unattended along the right-hand curb area. This is a fire lane and unattended cars parked here cause a safety hazard.


There are minimal visitor parking spaces available in front of the school. Please do not park in the front or back staff parking lot. Our staff parking lot fills up quickly and some staff will be coming and going throughout the day. Please park only in designated spaces or on the street, not along the fire lane. Cars parked in fire lanes or no parking areas are subject to ticketing and towing.

Rear of the School

The rear entrance to the main building is for PPCD/Pre-K, bus and daycare van pick-up and drop-off only. Students should not be dropped off in the bus area or by the portable buildings. They are unsupervised and at risk of injury from traffic.

Students who Bike to school

Bike racks are located at the west end of the school. Students who bike or ride scooters or skateboards should be aware of car and bus traffic. Stay on sidewalks or in bike lanes at all times. Please walk bikes on campus. At all times, scooter, skateboard and bike riders should wear helmets to protect themselves from injury.

Students who Walk to school

Students should cross streets only in marked crosswalks. Please DO NOT let your child cross between cars.

Cell Phone Use Prohibited

It is against the law to talk on a cell phone in a school zone. It poses an extremely dangerous and unsafe situation when driving around the children.


There may be times that the principal approves a class activity in which pets are allowed on campus. If this occurs, your teacher will inform you of the activity and the principal’s approval of the activity. Otherwise, Pets are NOT ALLOWED on school grounds!!! Not even the cute, little, “fits in my purse,” “she wouldn’t hurt a fly” pets.


All visitors are required to bring in a form of identification and sign-in at the office on our Safety Check Machine. You will obtain a “Guest” sticker. This identifies you and keeps students safe. Parents, teachers and students have been trained to ask you to go sign in if they do not see that you have a sticker.