Gifted and Talented

Fall 2019 GT Identification Timeline For Grades 3, 4, And 5

Please Use The Following Timeline As We Proceed Through The Austin Independent School District’s Gifted And Talented Identification Process. Please contact David Crissey For Assistance With The Process.  

September 9 – September 20           

Nomination Window For 3 – 5 Grades – We MUST Have Parent Permission For Testing.

October 14 –  November 8

CogAT Testing Window – All Testing Will Be Completed Online.  After Scheduling Students Will Be Pulled From Class For The On-Line CogAT Testing. 

October 14 –  November 8

Teacher Observation Of Students And PORTFOLIO COLLECTION.

November 11 – December 5

Campus Decision Making Committee Meetings

December 6

Parent Notification Letters Will Be Mailed Home

The Student Portfolio Will Consist Of The Following Items:

Interdisciplinary Common Assessments – The Classroom Teacher Collects All The Student Work Products Of The Nominated Students For Each Student Portfolio.

Common Assessment Scoring RUBRIC

Teachers Complete The Common Assessment Scoring RUBRIC For Each Student With Their Grade Level Team And Inputs The Data In The Student’s Common Assessment Google Form.  Administration Will Participate In Each Grade Level Meeting.  

Gifted Characteristics Checklist For Teachers

Teachers Complete The Gifted Characteristics Checklist For Teachers For Each Student And Inputs The Information In The Student’s Gifted Characteristics Checklist Google Form. 

GT Student Identification Profile

This Is A Required Form That Contains All Assessment Data For Each Student Screened For The Gifted Program.  The GT Advocate Will Complete One Profile For Each Student Who Participates In The GT Assessment Process.  The Student GT Profile Helps The Campus GT Decision-Making Committee Make Placement Or Non-Placement Decisions For Each Student Tested.