Dr. Lori Schneider Scholarship for High School Students

Dr. Lori SchneiderKiker Elementary PTA’s Dr. Lori Schneider Scholarship for High School Graduates honors our former principal who valued education and left a legacy of kindness, dignity and respect (KDR) during her 14 year tenure at principal of the school. It also celebrates high school graduates who are committed to education and who embody KDR. Applicants must have attended Kiker Elementary School. To apply, submit the following in envelope marked “Kiker PTA Scholarship” to Kiker Elementary Office or mail to Kiker PTA Scholarship, Kiker Elementary, 5913 La Crosse Ave, Austin, TX 78739:

Complete Application packet is available here.

About the scholarship:

Application deadline: Postmarked / Delivered no later than May 30.

The amount of the scholarship will be $500. The Selection Committee will consist of the following: Administrative Staff, PTA Vice President, Teacher / Staff, PTA At-large.

Scholarship Timeline:

May 30 – Application window closes.
Scholarship will be announced at 5th Grade graduation. Recipients will be announced mid-June via Kiker PTA Facebook Page, Circle C Facebook, and on Kiker website. Funds must be distributed before end of PTA fiscal year.