What is CAC?

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Kiker Campus Advisory Council

Campus Advisory Board 2018-19 Meetings schedule

The CAC holds monthly meetings at 3:15 pm in the library. Parents are welcome to attend and see what is going on at the school. Please see below to find our agenda with our topics up for discussion and the minutes of what was discussed in each meeting. You can also find hardcopies of the agenda and minutes at the front office. The agenda is posted on the bulletin board at least 72 hours before the meetings.

Date Agenda Minutes
May 2018  May 2018 Agenda May 2018 Minutes
Aug 27, 2018 Aug 2018 Agenda Aug 2018 Minutes
Oct 1, 2018 Oct 2018 Agenda  Oct 2018 Minutes 
Nov 5, 2018  Nov 2018 Agenda Nov 2018 Minutes
Dec 3, 2018 Dec 2018 Agenda Dec 2018 Minutes
Feb 4, 2019 Feb 2019 Agenda Feb 2019 Minutes
Mar 4, 2019 Mar 2019 Agenda Mar 2019 Minutes
April 1, 2019 Apr 2019 Agenda Apr 2019 Minutes
May 6, 2019 May 2019 Agenda  


Campus Advisory Council Representatives for 2018-2019


David Crissey  Principal
Kelly Meyer  Asst. Principal
Alma Chapa-Moore Asst. Principal
Arturo Arce  Asst. Principal
Randie Fraser  Counselor
Kathryn Bankston Counselor

Carol Markwalter   Pre-K
Christina Haschke   Kinder
Karen Preston   1st Grade
Jennifer Blake   2nd Grade
Sharon Peltzman   3rd Grade
Stefanie Torres   4th Grade
Marian Martin   5th Grade
Danielle Swint   Special Area
Amy Young   Special Area
Pooja Mulgaonker   At-Large Rep
Sandra L’ Abbe   Special Ed.

Kristi Samon

Premal Amin
Erika Boyd
Tasha Butler
Rebecca Hall
Katy Heisterman
Lindsay Lawley Rerecich
Carmen Shockley
Melissa Tanis
Andrea Wielmaker

Melissa Pardue PTA President
Kate Fite  PTA Representative

Wes Womack


Archives for 2017-18 Meetings
Date Agenda Minutes
Aug  2017 August 2017 Agenda August 2017 Minutes
Sep 2017 September 2017 Agenda September 2017 Minutes
Nov 2017  November 2017 Agenda  November 2017 Minutes
Dec 2017  December 2017 Agenda December 2017 Minutes
Jan 2018  January 2018 Agenda January 2018 Minutes
March 2018  March 2018 Agenda March 2018 Minutes
April 2018  April 2018 Agenda April 2018 Minutes
May 2018  May 2018 Agenda May 2018 Minutes